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Government Relations & Legal Assistance from a top Firm in Washington, DC

Secure your company’s future with legal services and advice from the government relations professionals at The Pennsylvania Avenue Group in Washington, DC. Since our firm of professional lobbyists was first formed by experienced attorney, James E. Hyland, in 2008, many interests have realized success in navigating Washington, D.C. and advancing their interests.  Contact us to learn more.


Determining Our Clients Needs 
We work with you to provide strategic policy objectives, develop plans, identify tasks and time lines and implement activities to further client interests.

Key Services & Building Relationships
We act as a strong and effective advocate in government circles.  On a regular basis, we interface with the U.S. Congress.  We identify the key Senators and Members of Congress that are important to your issue and facilitate building a professional working relationship and by arranging meetings in Congress.   

We also work with outside groups, trade associations, think tanks, etc.,  to help advance your interests and serve as a liaison to these important Washington groups. 

Beyond the U.S. Congress, we work with the White House and Executive Branch on your behalf.  

Washington DC, Government Relations in Washington, DC

Preparing Communications
We develop your message and prepare white papers, talking points for meetings, letters, testimony and even draft legislation for our clients.

Arranging Government Meetings
We identify and help you establish strong, professional working relationships with the following important government figures:

 • US Senate Members & Leaders • White House Policy Leaders • Executive Branch Employees

• Pertinent Government Regulatory Agencies

We arrange meetings with key people on government issues and laws that affect the outcome of your cause or company.

Monitoring the Congress and Appropriations Process

We monitor the Congress, attending hearings and tracking legislation.  We also advise clients on the complicated federal appropriations process and provide critical advice on seeking federal support for a client's initiatives, contracts or research. 

Let us present your case to the Federal Government. Contact us in Washington, DC, to arrange a discussion.